About I&I

“Bahatawi nazarite,
living a Rastaman life
Chakra aligned,
balance the heart and the mind
"Bahatawi" by Yah IsReal

-ሰላም Selam (Peace)

From a small town outside of Dundee, Scotland. Yah has always been involved in music – from reciting poetry as a child to playing in punk bands through high school then eventually discovering reggae/dub/hip hop music.

Church always a part of family life growing up – at a young age Yah was drawn to Rastafari and at 17 travelled to Jamaica with friend Ras fyah to learn about living ital and the ways of the Rasta livity. Since then he has frequently travelled between Scotland and Jamaica – living on the Pictish Clan yard by the river

Through learning about and living with Rastafari – Yah was inspired by his own roots and culture in Scotland – In 2014 Yah and Ras formed the Pictish Clan, which at one time had 11 members. The Pictish Clan performed at gigs and festivals all over Scotland. Yah began performing a mix of Dub/hiphop with scottish/jamaican vocals – Lyrics weaving the celtic traditions with the meditation of Rastafari and Haile Selassie.

Meeting producer and fellow artist Andra Black (Dubh) in 2018 – the two first collaborated on “Jet away” and subsequently have released many individual tracks and one album “Pictish Militia”

As Yah IsReal has matured and grown as a person so has the music, lyrics and concepts behind the art work…Since 2020 Yah has released many new tracks built from scratch in the Culture Clan studio with Andra Black. Firm Foundation, Grind up the herbs, Jamaica, Everlasting, Bahatawi and Know Lij – All reflect the new wave of music coming from this young artist – more refined and stronger than ever

Yah IsReal aims to carry the message of Rastafari to the ends of the Earth –

I&I hope that this music can convey the love and righteous vibration I&I have received from music of our elders on the journey of life. We pray this music can be a vehicle for light and inspiration. I&I wish to see wisdom increase – I&I seek to humbly do Jah works

All glory to Igziabher

Slàinte mhath – Ras Tafari Jah

Beannachd leibh (Blessings with you)

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