Yah IsReal

Jet Away



good music for your lugs

spreading the love

stepping it up on another level

we nah go let go

tell them fi sekkle down

got no time to mess around

aiming higher, leaving the shire

with saiyan pride i been feeling inspired

blazing fyah, got it down to a science

chilling with ma french bredrin in an auld alliance

Scotland my origin coming from the highlands

deh inna the dojo, smoking homegrown

I’m a global local on the mic I’m going loco


Me jet way from the jealousy and envy

Now I’m sipping jelly to the rhythm of djembe

Filling up my belly with an ital delicacy 

Playing ma guitar, Jah send my the melody


In the dancehall schoolroom, learning wir lessons

see mi MC’ing in the session

in the studio at work and music my profession

collecting vinyl InI all about selection

see the visuals going viral in the digital generation

germinating new ideas and share them with the nations

So much inspiration, soundman education

training and we drilling, linking and we building

mixing and recording on the stage performing

warming up, giving it all we got, take a shot

giddi up man coming in hot, can’t stop, 

when the bass drop whole place get shake up, wake up

rise and shine, no time waste

Pictish clan come pick up the pace

higher grades when we jump in the rave

step in the dance and we mash up the place

the Lion of Judah shall break every chains

Selassie the ruler, from Zion he reigns

chanting the mantra we tell them again

love overall is the message we send

batter the babylon get out the way

do what it takes, gie dem a taste

ancient of days, giving the praise,

you know how it goes, you what i say, ay