Yah IsReal



Well skill like a ninja

burn fyah like Sizzla

guerilla warfare out there, this the rebel resistance

them no ready fi di Pictish Militia 

Boom diggi dang diggi diggi dang deng

Wicked Babylon dash a fyah pon dem

Boom diggi dang diggi diggi dang dye

Music fi di samurai, with the warrior mind


Wrap up mi locks in my turban

ready fi go cross river Jordan

Rastaman dressed in my tartan

Marching off cross hills and the canyon

protect the garden, serve it as a guardian

defend the Earth man a gather the battalion 

Caledonian clansman man a champion

I’m a lion can’t tame, deh pon di campaign

I am back once again

stone circles, carved symbols

lost languages, still I ken ma kinsfolk

can’t forget where I came from

kill it in a kilt, chop ‘em down like a claymore

say no more

Can you hear the piper? 

freedom fighters we need to rise up,

I’m keeping it righteous

seek and we will find love

made wir minds up now that the time has come

Come from Dundee

in the age of the high tech 

psychedelic soul pirate

coming to you live & direct,  

inna Pictish dialect, 

militant practise 

I been moving in silence

up inna the highlands

climbing up the mountain

jamming with the pipe band


reciting my poetry

writing my story

fighting for freedom

mi give Jah the glory, 

soul adventurer

worldwide traveller, international

another backpacking passenger 

rebel wanderer

duppy conqueror

Rasta warrior inna the area

tell the babylon we nuh fraid of you

Dem nuh ready fi di war

Kill them with the culture, kill them with the art

cause the blood of the bards still pumps through my heart

it ago hit them hard when we press record